Custom Kit Guitars & Pro Audio Engineering

Quiver Audio does audio recording, audio engineering and custom kit guitar assembly using pro hardware to make affordable custom guitars for aspiring guitarists. We deliver high performance, high quality sound that makes a huge difference in a guitarist’s ability to create music. Straight forward, honest and practical deals and minimal marketing is how we do business.

Please click here to book a consult about your guitar order and we will work with you to send over a quote with detailed assembly and kit pricing.

If you wish to engage on a pro-audio record engineering project, please book a consult here.

You can order an electric guitar kit to drop-ship for assembly at Quiver Audio, after speaking to us regarding the options available and selecting your hardware, finish options, electronic upgrades, strap, case and shipping.

We can discuss options to send an assembly and upgrades quote based on your playing and tonal preferences, which we can guide you in prior to finalizing your order.

We offer:

  • Solo acoustic and electric guitar recordings
  • Professional mixing of prerecorded instrumental and vocal audio
  • Custom Electric Guitar Kit Assemblies of replica models:
    • Les Paul (Two or Three Pickups)
    • Stratocaster
    • Telecaster
    • ES-335
    • ES-175
    • BC Rich Mockingbird
    • Parker Fly
    • Double necked headless Bass & 6-string
    • Double necked 12 and 6 string
    • Headless Steinberger
    • Flying V
Telecaster, blonde nitro body, vintage clear nitro neck, Fender locking tuners, Seymour Duncan Vintage Tele pickups, Bigsby vibrato and bridge.
The Sultan Swings!
Les Paul Amber nitro, Seymour Duncan P-Rail with Tripleshot Rings, Sperzel locking tuners, CTS pots, Orange Drop caps, Switchcraft switch, Dunlop straplocks.
Les Paul assembled using Yinfuente kit body and neck from China, three way Switchcraft selector switch and mono cable jack, Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups with coil-splitting Tripleshot rings and an Obsidian circuit board for volume/ tone controls, no-solder connector and 50’s/60’s tone switch.
This yields 96 total tone options, including incredible jazz tones.
Nishant Mistry playing jazz
ES-175 Amber Tobacco burst nitro, Seymour Duncan Benedetto A6 and PAF pickups, Sperzel locking tuners, Toneman Pro CTS pots, Russian caps, Switchcraft switch, Dunlop straplocks.
Listen to it with headphones .
1988 Indian Master refinished with compound radius ebony fretboard, Black nitro, ebony bridge, tailpiece and pickguard, Sperzel locking tuners, Seymour Duncan D-Tar gold piezo under-saddle pickup and Thomastik Infeld silk core strings.
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